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The Art of Perfection: The Collaboration between Bang & Olufsen and Ferrari

The fusion of Ferrari’s automotive excellence and Bang & Olufsen’s sonic perfection has resulted in a special collection, a true ode to craftsmanship. This exceptional collaboration reveals our shared commitment to quality in every aspect of our products Ferrari, a symbol of speed, performance and captivating beauty, joins forces with Bang & Olufsen, the pioneers of sound who masterfully harmonize form and function. Together, we continue our quest for excellence, each according to our own criteria. The result ? The Ferrari Collection.

The Ferrari Collection embodies the alliance of our two brands, offering much more than remarkable products. Four Bang & Olufsen products feature a bold aesthetic, undeniably Ferrari-inspired in terms of boldness, quality and color.
Every step of the design process was the result of meticulous thought and complete transparency, with two iconic legacies at play. Our designers at Bang & Olufsen entered into a fruitful dialogue with the Ferrari team in Maranello, merging thus two rich stories to create a promising future.

The bold use of color, a central element of this collaboration, is immediately striking. Inspired by Ferrari’s iconic red, we explored many shades before choosing a modern, deep red, combined with a timeless black and applied to the aluminum through double anodizing. This color embodies the bold and unique union of our two brands. Red roars with force, while black reveals the multiple layers of craftsmanship.

From concept to creation, every detail was carefully explored, from the finishes to the shades of red during the development phase to the production of the Beosound 2 Ferrari Edition at Bang & Olufsen Factory 5 in Struer, Denmark . This factory played an essential role in making this exceptional collaboration a reality.