La Boutique Nyon

1°A rainy weekend with the family: savor your moments at the cinema thanks to the multimedia products of the Boutique Nyon

There’s nothing like a rainy weekend to get the family together and enjoy a good movie at home. These moments of relaxation are all the more precious when you have quality audiovisual equipment. Boutique Nyon offers a selection of Bang & Olufsen and LG products to turn your rainy weekends into unforgettable cinematic experiences.

Create a cozy atmosphere

What could be better than a warm and cozy atmosphere to watch a movie with the family? With our speakers, TVs and accessories from Bang & Olufsen and LG brands, you can enjoy great sound and picture from the comfort of your living room. Soft cushions, cozy plaids and soft lighting will add an extra touch of conviviality to these shared moments.

Fill up on emotions

A good movie is an inexhaustible source of emotions, whether it’s laughing, crying or shivering. With our state-of-the-art audiovisual systems, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of your favorite movies and feel every emotion with tenfold intensity. Let yourself be transported by the music and the dialogues, and savor these unique moments with your family.

Well at home

Bang & Olufsen and LG products are designed to combine performance and aesthetics. Their clean lines and quality materials fit perfectly into any interior style, whether modern, classic or eclectic. Thus, our televisions, speakers and accessories do not disturb the harmony of your decoration, but blend in with elegance.

The Nyon Shop

Our advisors take the time to understand your audiovisual expectations and preferences. They ask you questions about your habits, your tastes and your environment to better understand your needs and offer you suitable solutions.

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of Bang & Olufsen and LG products, our advisers are able to explain the specific features and advantages of each model. They will help you compare the different options and identify the one that will best meet your expectations in terms of performance, design and budget.

This is why, at Boutique Nyon, we are committed to offering you tailor-made support throughout your purchase. Our advisers will guide you in the choice of accessories, inform you about the terms of financing and offer you installation solutions so that your new equipment fits harmoniously into your interior.