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The secret of a timeless design

For 3daysofdesign’s 10th anniversary, Bang & Olufsen invites visitors to “Conversations In Sound”, an exhibition celebrating Bang & Olufsen’s latest loudspeaker, the Beosound A5, designed in collaboration with Danish/Italian duo GamFratesi.

This immersive design will explore the complex relationship between people, space and sound through GamFratesi’s experimental approach to materials and techniques. Through an exploration of materials, craftsmanship and design, the exhibition showcases Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to timeless design and excellent acoustics, while creating a friendly atmosphere that fosters creative conversations between guests.

“Conversations In Sound will bring the Beosound A5 to life for the public. We are extremely proud of our Danish heritage, and 3daysofdesign is the perfect event to celebrate the Beosound A5 in an experiential way. We wanted to share the design stories we initiated with GamFratesi to bring this revolutionary loudspeaker to a finished product,” said Kamel Ouadi, Marketing Director of Bang & Olufsen.

Upon entering the venue, guests will be wrapped in paper raffia, a material that played a key role in the design of Beosound A5 and GamFratesi’s design process. Beosound A5 is the first time Bang & Olufsen has applied this material to loudspeaker design, continuing a 98-year tradition of craftsmanship and design innovation in the industry. Throughout the exhibition, visitors will learn about the Beosound A5 design process, including the materials, prototypes and sketches that informed the final design, as well as products from the Bang & Olufsen archives.

“Our inspiration for the Beosound A5 came from many places, including the iconic Beolit series, as well as natural materials synonymous with the colors and textures found in Scandinavian nature,” says GamFratesi. “From the traditional straw hats of Panama worn on beaches to the hand-woven leather accents of 1960s Danish chairs, experimentally applied blends of natural materials guided our design journey. This aesthetic continued throughout the beyond the Beosound A5 and into the exposure.