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BEOSOUND SHAPE: A Visual and Auditory Symphony

Welcome to La Boutique Nyon, your destination for exceptional sound experiences. Today, let’s dive into the captivating world of Beosound Shape, a work of sound art designed by talented designer Øivind Alexander Slaato.

CHAPTER 1: A Magical Moment

Øivind Alexander Slaato shares his inspiration behind the Beosound Shape speaker, a fusion of the breathtaking beauty of nature, the precise science that keeps everything in balance, and a magical moment of wonder. Imagine a snowy landscape, calm and acoustically balanced, where each snowflake reveals an infinite spectrum of colors. It is from this experience that the unique hexagonal shape of Beosound Shape was born, inspired by the structure of snowflakes.

CHAPTER 2: Creating a Natural Form

In a world dominated by technology, Øivind Alexander Slaato celebrates timeless analog methods. The initially complex design process is reduced to a symmetrical hexagonal shape. However, the final design depends on your perspective, varying in appearance depending on the viewing angle and the light in the room, just like snowflakes.

CHAPTER 3: Endless Possibilities

Beosound Shape offers a modular tile concept allowing customers to customize size, shape, color and even sound performance according to their preferences. Each tile acts as a speaker, amplifier or acoustic dampener, coming together in endless combinations to fit spaces large and small. This flexible system can be rearranged to form new patterns, adding tiles to improve sound performance or soundproofing properties. You can also change the colors of the fabric coverings among ten options, providing unprecedented flexibility.

CHAPTER 4: Creating Soundscapes

Musically, the system offers an immersive and social sound experience thanks to patented “band on the wall” technology. This unique method of distributing signals across the speakers creates a centered sound experience from any listening position. Beosound Shape redefines the way we listen to music, enabling a spatial experience without the need to stay in the center of a stereo perspective. It’s like a sound carpet, a perfect sound architecture that combines elegant design and exceptional sound quality.

Discover the Beosound Shape experience at La Boutique Nyon – create your own visual and auditory symphony for a unique space that seduces the senses. To learn more, visit our website [link] and immerse yourself in a world where art and technology meet harmoniously.