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“The Reinvention of a Bang & Olufsen Icon: Art of the A9”

Introduction: Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the iconic Beosound A9 speaker with an exceptional series of limited artworks, transforming this iconic piece into a perfect fusion of sound and design. Welcome to the captivating world of “Art of the A9”, an artistic celebration that breathes new life into your sonic experience.

A Sound and Artistic Masterpiece

To mark this decade of excellence, Bang & Olufsen presents “Art of the A9”, a collection of unique designs that redefine the aesthetic of the Beosound A9 speaker. This limited series highlights the harmonious union between high-end audio and visual art, offering an immersive and exclusive experience.

A Speaker That Goes Beyond Sound

The Beosound A9 speaker is not just a speaker, but a work of art in its own right. Designed with the attention to detail of a classic piece of furniture, it combines carefully selected materials with particular attention to detail. Its iconic design and adaptability to the environment, thanks to integrated technology, make the A9 a standout wherever you are.

“Art of the A9”: Works by Eminent Artists

MonoNeon – Fusion of Experimentation and Vibrance

Renowned artist MonoNeon brings his distinctive touch to “Art of the A9.” Originally from Memphis, his experimental, funky and unique style permeates the canvas of the Beosound A9 speaker in a vibrant way. Inspired by avant-garde artists, MonoNeon transcends the boundaries of sound to create a sensory experience deeply rooted in art.


Jean Jullien – A French Artistic Vision

Paris-based French artist and illustrator Jean Jullien offers an exceptional interpretation of the A9 design. With a diverse creative background, ranging from illustration to video, Jullien brings a unique dimension to this limited edition series, making each Beosound A9 speaker truly inimitable.


Manon Cezaro – Multidisciplinary Creativity

Manon Cezaro, multidisciplinary artist, reinvents the A9 design with an innovative technique. Using 3D plaster shapes, she creates a digital work, merging the physical and the digital. His collaboration with Alexis Jamet adds a special dimension to this series, creating a distinctive visual harmony.